Pennsylvania Indian American Nurses' Organization

Pennsylvania Indian American Nurses' Organization

Presidential Address

Presidentcial Address
Dear PIANO Members,

Welcome to another decade of this century! From rebuilding after a recession to completion of the human gene mapping, the resilience of humankind has been on display. Recently, the novel corona virus brought a global pandemic that shook the healthcare system and the carefree lives across the world. But even amidst the fear and panic, there were front-line heroes who risked their lives to be a beacon of hope for the terrified community. While many other professional groups withdrew to their adobe for safety, the healthcare workers got up and faced the challenges of inadequate resources, increasing rates of infections and limited comprehension of the evolving virus.

In a year befitted for its dedication to nurses, we exhibited extraordinary resilience and adaptability. I applaud and celebrate each one of you for being the source of hope for the suffering. Your adaptability to the changing world and courage to risk your lives for others are truly commendable. As president of PIANO, I would like to share my vision for our organization. With the advances in both the understanding of the novel corona virus and constraints of the healthcare system, the opportunities are endless to engage and be part of innovative solutions and community awareness. I would also like to promote an active investment in nurturing your leadership skills and honing professional talents. I expect nothing less than excellence from my team where we set standards with dedication, competence, and benchmark deliverable.

As a minority nursing organization in the keystone state, we will strive to get better with each day of learning to forge our path forward. I understand that it will be challenging at times, but I believe together we can learn, grow, and transform. I am a strong believer that we can achieve anything, if as a team we are determined and steadfast. I look forward to your zeal and commitment in realizing our common objectives.


Santhosh Sunny RN, MSN, CEN
President, PIANO

What can We Do


Continuing Education

Through NAINA (accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the ANCC’s Commission on Accreditation) and its affiliated chapters.

Awards and Certifications

Offers certification classes and could facilitate award including Daisy award nominations through NAINA.

Mentorship and Preceptorship

Diverse membership pool to mentor our young professionals.

Tuition Benefits

Tuition benefits from different universities that are partnered with NAINA.

Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities to develop and polish leadership skills by taking active roles in the organization.



Opens an avenue to interact and collaborate with State and National level leaders and members.









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